I find gardening to be good therapy. Working with your hands creatively beautifying your landscape or garden area is good for the soul. Walking through botanical gardens or sitting with a friend in the fresh air of an outdoor setting with birds, and butterflies quiets our tensions and relieves stress. The sound of water multiplies the effect of that calmness.

Soothing Sounds of Water 1We have a small creek and pond in our yard. It is amazing how comforting it is to just sit near the soothing sound of that creek. We often take a cup of coffee and a beach chair out to the bridge to enjoy the music of the water. We get some other “benefits” with our forest-like creek…pollywogs, toads, dragonflies, tiny, cold hardy fish in beautiful colors, and sometimes we get a visit from a beautiful White Egret who wants to go fishing. Water is a natural draw for birds, so we get many visitors of the feathered variety. Water features come in many forms and sizes. The more natural the appearance, the better the presentation will be. A water feature that blends well into the landscape or setting will bring you refreshing rewards!

  • Fountains or urns with a pump do not take up much room, but still provide a restful ambiance.
  • A pond alone without movement evokes tranquility with the gentle movement of fish and water lilies.
  • Water falls added to a pond or creek let you hear the water dance as it moves through its course.

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