Trending Succulents 2Succulents replacing flowers at Weddings! Succulents are fast becoming one of the new trending “flowers” for Weddings! Yes, it’s true they aren’t technically flowers, but are shaped like flowers, come in an array of colors and are tremendously resilient. They can still be combined with roses or other favorite flowers for your bouquet.

Trending Succulents 3They make unique boutonnieres, not to mention table & cake decorations. There are outstanding images for invitations and you can even order a “succulent wall” as the background for photos.

Trending Succulents 1Heart shaped succulent wreaths also can be used, or a hanging topiary sphere …in fact the ideas are endless. They can be beautiful paired with ribbons, as well, or worn in your hair glued to a barrette.

Trending Succulents 4If I’ve intrigued you with ideas, do as I did, check on line…just look up Succulents used at Weddings.

Trending Succulents 5The images are incredibly inspirational. Succulents add a whole new dimension to wedding décor. They are simple, yet elegant and will beautifully define a “new trend in weddings”.