What’s Trending in Succulents – Part 2 – “Succulent Walls”

There is something about a “Succulent Wall” that creates an impact! They are much like creating a framed living painting…or mural for the outdoors and can be quite breathtaking. This new media is gaining wide interest with workshops and kits in abundance, in fact, Roger’s Gardens in Newport Beach just had a workshop recently.

Sunset Magazine featured Robin Stockwell at Succulent Gardens Nursery in Castroville, showing how to create a DIY Succulent Wall. You can check out his website by looking up Succulent Gardens Nursery on Google where you will also find an Interview with Debra Lee Baldwin on a Living Wall.

Another place to look at living walls is OutdoorLivingWall on http://www.brightgreenusa.com to see some fabulous pictures in Pelican Hill.

“Living Wall and Vertical Gardens” webpage shows some magnificent examples of living succulent walls for the interior. I found some amazing examples.

Living walls can be displayed in all sizes…from a small framed DIY home projects to massive industrial size walls. If you’d like to see an example of a massive wall, or edible wall, check out www.GoodEarthPlants.com.

These are only a few venues for “Living Walls” done in succulents they seem to be popping up all over. It’s just another way to display the beautiful array of succulent colors and shapes, contrasts and textures. They are like masterpiece living quilts handmade with love.