What’s Trending in Succulents – Part 3 – “Moss and Glue Succulent Creations”

This dimension of “succulent art” defies the usual aspect of growing succulents in soil and proves how extraordinarily resilient they can be.

Personally, I first encountered this technique when we had Laura Eubanks here at Waterwise Botanicals last fall. She was leading a workshop of succulent topped pumpkins. We had such fun as everyone glued the moss to the pumpkin top and then glued succulent cuttings to the moss adding other decorative “bits of bark”, etc. to make it their own.

Since then, I’ve seen beautiful creations by Laura & others using the same technique of moss & glue on barrettes, hats, napkin holders, shells, chairs, jewelry, topiaries ….and the list goes on.

Succulents have hit the “Big Time” when it comes to fun, art, crafts, decorations and design. It can range from funky to elegant in its range and depth of design.

In Debra Lee Baldwin’s latest book “Succulents Simplified” on pages 106 & 107 are some outstanding pictures of “glued” succulents.

You can also find How to Create a Succulent Topped Pumpkin on YouTube with Laura Eubanks & Debra Lee Baldwin.

Laura will be doing a “Cup & Saucer” workshop here at Waterwise Botanicals this Saturday, August 24th at 9:00 AM and will be joining us again in October for a Pumpkin Workshop. Laura has a website called Design For Serenity with a great “Gallery” of her work.

The concept is that the succulents will develop their own root system in the moss and thrive for quite some time with just some misting. Who would have guessed? I know I’m delighted when I see a new venue for “Living Art”…and they are so diverse and beautiful too.