What’s Trending in Succulents – Part 5 – Topiary Wreaths & Spheres

There is just no end to the beautiful and creative things that can be done with succulents. The Succulent Topiary Balls…or Spheres, along with Wreaths are so unique and adaptable to so many occasions. They are just as wonderful for wedding decorations, as they are for everyday use. Not only are they fun to make, but great as gifts.

Spheres can be hung from an arbor, patio, or suspended from a tree limb at an anniversary party…a bridal shower, or best friend’s birthday party. I’ve even heard them called a “kissing ball”, or pomander ball. I’m going to assume that is can be used as you would Mistletoe! What a sweet idea for a wedding reception. Wreaths are very adaptable since they can be shaped in a square, traditionally round or even heart-shaped. Can you imagine giving, or getting a heart-shaped wreath for Valentine’s Day…or Mother’s Day…or your anniversary? NICE…and so thoughtful. These unique items made with succulents are extraordinarily appealing, and trendy! Roses, lavender, daisies and perennials will never go out of style…but succulents have really risen in popularity and made a place for themselves with their rumble of colors, sustainability, classy charm and easy care.

I’d like to refer you to a couple of sites worthy of browsing. Both are fun and inspirational!

The two wreath photos in this article are from Lois at Succulent Salon. Her website is http://www.succulentsalon.com and her Etsy site is https://www.etsy.com/shop/SucculentSalon.

The Succulent Sphere/Ball is from Cassidy at Succulents and Sunshine. You can find her website at http://www.succulentsandsunshine.com. It’s chucked full of photos and information. com/SucculentBooks.htm


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