The sub-title of this wonderfully informative and inspiring book is “Growing, Designing, and Crafting with 100 easy-Care Varieties”. Doesn’t that just make you want to dive right into the book …digging out the jewels of creativity?

The photos are wonderful and the perfect balance to the informative text. You will find chapters on “Enjoying, Growing, and Designing with Succulents”. These chapters show and tell about transforming your landscape with Succulents …it show shape, textures, colors and combos within landscapes and in potted examples. Debra Lee imparts her vast knowledge of Succulents that, and I quote, “Drink Responsibly”. She gives us tips on design as well as very practical facts on care and maintenance. I love her section on page 76 called ‘What’s wrong with your succulent?” It is an easy to use guide on diagnosing problems and a “prescription” for recovery.

One excellent section describes composition of Succulent containers. It includes choosing a container, A Ten Step Guide, Balance & Color…plus much, much more – complete with photos.

Debra Lee’s “How-To Projects” in Section Two of this marvelous book, is vast in creativity ranging from Centerpieces, & Vertical Gardens to Hanging Baskets, Succulent –Topped Pumpkins, Spheres, Boutonnieres & Corsages.

Part Three is beautifully done with examples of Easy Care Succulents. It is a wonderful reference with the Botanical and Common names, a photo & description – complete with hardiness zones and temperatures.

I’d recommend “Succulents Simplified” to every home gardener, Landscaper, and Succulent enthusiast. It will make a great reference book for your horticulture library and a conversation starter as a coffee table book…oh yes, it makes a great gift too! This best-seller has a five-star rating on Amazon!
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