Creating a Succulent Sea-Scape

Euphorbia leucodendron
Euphorbia leucodendron

I love the beach. I learned to Snorkel in Kauai opening a new undersea world to me. We often find National Geographic Special on Sea Turtles or whales, or just a geographical area where they explore reefs and the life therein.

It’s amazingly beautiful and serene creating a peaceful state of mind as I watch the undersea plants and creatures in the depths of the ocean. Well, if you are intrigued and drawn to this undersea world, you can create one right at home using Succulents. The first Sea Scape I ever saw was at the Fair Grounds in Del Mar. Jeff Moore, of Solana Succulents, had done a display I just couldn’t take my eyes off. I’d never liked succulents much up to that point, but it gave me a new perspective. Part of the fun is finding succulents that look like undersea creatures or plants. I’ve found some photos to help you envision a garden that can transport you visually to life below the sea.

Here at Waterwise Botanicals we have a number of plants that would make beautiful selections for your succulent Sea-Scape. I’ve put together some selections for you to see below.