Elements of a Meditation/Prayer Garden

In the busy world we live in, it’s nice to have a spot in your garden to “quiet” the buzz of your day… to breathe, relax, read, pray or meditate.

When we were up in the Bay Area of California, we began to walk a nature trail along a stream bordering the little town of Mill Valley. As we rounded a spot in the path we saw two ladies doing yoga on a deck under beautiful tall pines. It was so inspiring to see friends coming together in these quite surroundings to stretch away the stresses of life.

We can create a spot in our own backyards with the help of some simple elements:

Water! I find that the sound of water is a wonderful stress reducer. It can be any kind of recirculating water feature, from table or deck top, to a pond or creek. Playing a CD of nature sounds will work to bring the sounds of creeks, ocean, birds, and rain into your surroundings. I’ve also seen copper tabletop fountains & urns that bubble with a quiet, sound of the moving water.

Shade! A tree or Pergola over a little patio or deck is nice. It can even have some allweather, or washable drapes at a couple of spots. Shade cloth to cover the top of the structure will give you indirect light that is very pleasant.

Softness! An outdoor washable rug & some pillows will make your space more comfy & even give you a spot to roll out that yoga mat, or stretch out & read. You may prefer a cushioned chair or two instead… or perhaps a hammock or swing speaks to your heart.

Plants! The softness of greenery around your quiet space will add to the ambiance. I would suggest mostly the quiet color of greens, with touches of blue, white or deep purple to ensure a soothing sensation.

Extras! I have some mid- toned chimes hanging in my back patio that make such beautiful music…soft, mellow, peaceful sounds. I think they would make a great addition for your Meditation/Prayer Garden. Also, Candles add a nice glow for evening. Large cylindrical glass over your candle or candles will keep them from blowing out if a breeze follows you into your quite space, or maybe a focal piece of sculpture that you find soothing would work well for you as you step into your peaceful zone.

Whatever you choose to create your outdoor sanctuary of peace, whether small or elaborate, I hope you have fun making it uniquely your own.