The Meaning of Springtime


Not only is springtime a season, but, according to the dictionary, it is “the early part or first stage of something”.  Are you in the “springtime” of something? …a project of remodeling the house, redecorating, planning a trip, or maybe a relationship? 

Beginnings can be exciting…or they may be tough… changes in a loved one’s health, a change in finances, a difficult move, or a loss of a job.  But, if we hold on to all the beauty of the season, we can learn that we can look forward to blossoming in the process.  Often, starting a journal is a great new opportunity for self- exploration, something I have done many times, only to abandon in the swirl of everyday life & its adventures, or busyness, or demands.  I sometimes wonder what it would be like to pick up my old journal and imagine the thoughts & feelings I could have explored…the mistakes I could have predicted, and the opportunities I passed up.  Oh…what I could learn from pages never written! 

This spring, I choose to blossom.  I want to learn something new, choose to make a difference in the world around me, take a class and renew some old loves I have let go.  I used to play tennis, doubles for the most part, but now with a resolved back issue, I have been thinking I might give it a try…ease back into it and see if the joy of a great serve, volley or return still brings the excitement I remember.

After all the rain we have had recently, I’ve been itching to get out into my yard and do some rejuvenation.  When I was out in the unexpected sunshine the other day, I was surprised by the blossoms on our Red Bud tree…and then our apple, and the peach tree too!  They gifted me with the most rare, joyful, unexpected moment.  Now, I’ve got to find a vase …a large one for the cut branches I plan to bring inside. 

One day this week, I pulled out of the garage and looked into my eclectic flower garden in the front of the house, and discovered brilliant orange Poppies.  I suddenly felt the need to plant colorful perennials in every bleak and unadorned spot I could find. 

I absolutely yearn to take off on a site seeing jaunt to see the wildflowers announcing spring in all their glory…like the many Facebook posts I’ve seen lately.  They look breathtaking with all the glorious colors.  I suddenly feel spring gives us the ability, to face, overcome, and embrace whatever challenges come our way with new life.

So, I’d like to encourage you to be Daffodils, Poppies, and Wildflowers this spring and brighten your world…take that hike, ride that wave, make that move, take that chance, start that class, ski that mountain.  Let’s blossom together. 

Till next time,