Butterfly List

Butterflies in the garden are a special treat to behold. There are many plants that attract butterflies.

You can find many lists on the internet to help you start a butterfly garden, however we have prepared a list for you of plants found here at Waterwise Botanicals that attract butterflies.

*Look for the butterfly symbol on our descriptive signs at the nursery or on our website.

· Daylilies
· Kniphofia uvaria

Shrubs & Trees
· Cuphea sp.
· Hamelia patens
· Lantana sp.
· Lavatera
· Leonotis leonurus
· Pittosporum ‘Turner’s Dwarf’
· Rosmarinus sp.
· Russelia equisetiformis
· Salvia clevelandii
· Teucrium chamaedrys
· Viburnum obovatum ‘Densa’

· Sedum spectabilis

· Achillea
· Bidens daisy
· Centranthus rubber
· Dianthus ‘Cheddar Pink’
· Erigeron karvinskianus
· Lantana camara
· Lavandula angustifolia
· Lavandula stoechas
· NepetaPenstemon
· Pentas lanceolata
· Ruellia brittoniana
· Ruta graveolens
· Salvia chamaedryoides
· Salvia greggii
· Salvia ‘Indigo Spires’
· Salvia leucantha
· Stokesia laevis
· Teucrium chamaedrys

· Passiflora varieties
· Thunbergia alata