Coastal Roses

Our southern California coast is one long stretch of nature at its best! If you like to garden and have the luxury of living near the coast, you can add one of nature’s most beautiful creations, the rose, to your garden too! We have quite a few selections in an array of colors that thrive along our pacific coastline. As beautiful as the rose is, you might assume it needs extensive care, however that is a misnomer. Roses are quite resilient! They need pruning, which can be done easily with pruning shears, regular fertilizer high in nitrogen, and can get by with less water than you would imagine. A good drip system should adequately take care of most gardens, including those with roses. Some varieties do well along the coast and others suffer, needing a drier, hotter climate, so here is a rather extensive list of good choices for landscapes along our southern California coast.

Cecile Brunner Bush
Cherry Bomb
Easy Going
Gold Marie
Golden Celebration
Irene Watts
Joseph’s Coat Cl.
Just Joey
Lilian Austin
Livin’ Easy
Marie Pavie
Old Blush
Passionate Kisses
Pink Cadillac
Pink Patti-cakes
Proud Land
Red Ribbons
Red Spread
Sally Holmes Cl.
Sharon’s Delight
Sunny Side Up
Sutter’s Gold