Elements of a Meditation/Prayer Garden

In the busy world we live in, it’s nice to have a spot in your garden to “quiet” the buzz of your day… to breathe, relax, read, pray or meditate.

When we were up in the Bay Area of California, we began to walk a nature trail along a stream bordering the little town of Mill Valley. As we rounded a spot in the path we saw two ladies doing yoga on a deck under beautiful tall pines. It was so inspiring to see friends coming together in these quite surroundings to stretch away the stresses of life.
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Creating a Succulent Sea-Scape

Euphorbia leucodendron
Euphorbia leucodendron

I love the beach. I learned to Snorkel in Kauai opening a new undersea world to me. We often find National Geographic Special on Sea Turtles or whales, or just a geographical area where they explore reefs and the life therein.

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Landscaping with Fire-Resistant Succulents

Landscaping with Fire-Resistant Succulents After our recent fires here in North County San Diego, I thought I’d mention something we have been aware of for some time! Succulents help protect our homes from surrounding brush fires. We were watching the horrific fires, evacuation notices and devastation on the news. At times like that we wonder if there is anything at all we can do as homeowners to protect our homes. The answer is YES!
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Designing your Water-wise Landscape with Shrubs and Perennials

When you hear Water-wise in the garden, most people immediately think of succulents. It’s true they are a wonderfully dramatic choice for “going water-wise”; however, if you are not particularly fond of succulents, you have other choices …a more traditional look.
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The Soothing Sounds of Water

The Soothing Sounds of Water

I find gardening to be good therapy. Working with your hands creatively beautifying your landscape or garden area is good for the soul. Walking through botanical gardens or sitting with a friend in the fresh air of an outdoor setting with birds, and butterflies quiets our tensions and relieves stress. The sound of water multiplies the effect of that calmness.
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The Shabby Chic Garden

The Shabby Chic Garden 1
The Shabby Chic Garden 2I find myself intrigued by the Shabby Chic garden. It can vary so much in style. It often blends the appeal of vintage art or antiques…even furniture within your plant palette of choice. I’ve seen it presented with Roses and Perennials leaning toward a Cottage Garden appearance, but it can be achieved in formal or rural settings, as well. The uniqueness seems to be inspired by the creator of the garden, just as a painting is inspired by the artist.
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